Monday, November 1, 2010

Life is But a Weaving . . . Part 1

Have you been into a situation where  people are seeing you happy and seemingly satisfied with life, yet at the back of it all are misery, disgust, upheaval,  and dilemma?  Where it seems you are losing hope and just want to have everything end up soonest? Where you regret life at present  and  wish that should time would only give you an option  to get back to the past, somehow,  you would not have chosen the kind of life you are having now? 

Many people are on that situation . . . and others ended up their lives because they can no longer grasp a catalyst. Guilt is scourging deeper and deeper that it is very hard to breathe anymore. The person whom you thought would just be around to help you stand up again seem to be the ones who are putting you to a deeper instinct of pain.

Would you agree with me that words are more painful that being beaten upon by the person you professed you love? Until when should a person have to love another person? Until when should both be together? Should one decides to end up everything? Should one sacrificed just because there are still loved ones who are expectant on the presence of another? Isn’t it too much to bear the unbearable, especially if the concern is the one closest to you? I am not an authority to answer all these . . . you are!

Our experiences in life vary, and at the utmost,  everything that comes our life is individually perceived. When the water reaches the brim of a container, and still you keep pouring water on it, some would be spilling out. The container can no longer contain the pouring in of more water because there’s no more space into it.  It is a principle in science that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time . Life is the same . . . it’s struggling to put together both the love and the hurts. One should be purged out so that what is left can be flourished and nurtured and cherished

It has to be love . . . not hurts! It has to be forgiveness . . . not hatred! But how? It would be very hard anymore to get out when every time, your life is revived with the same situation, the same person, and the same undying words of torture haunting you and continuously reminding you of the past experiences in life. It’s better to end up, right? To end up what? Life? Relationships? Whatever fits the situation can be applied.  Seeing it useless and meaningless to continue . . .  and no more chances ahead to pacify and settle the differences and the messes caused by every decision and choices in the past . . . what more should be expected? 

Please follow on with this blog . . . part 2 is on its way!

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