Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Celebration of Thanksgiving!


Today is Sunday, November 7, 2010. In a while, I will be attending the church service at Phela Grande Convention Center along the national highway. It was decided to have the Sunday service there just this Sunday because the DBC (Dadiangas Baptist Church) family is celebrating its 48th anniversary.  All the five Sunday services will be gathered together for the anniversary celebration.

  We arrived at Phela Grande Convention Center at exactly 9:05 A.M.. I thought we were  already late. But when we arrived there, the service hasn’t started yet. With me were my son, AJ and my niece, Traecy. My daughter BJ was attending the VCF (Victory Chapel Fellowship). We don’t attend the same fellowship. But I’m happy for her because the Lord has been using her effectively in the music ministry at VCF. 

 The Sunday celebration started few minutes after we arrived.  It was Deane Garces, the lead singer of the CenterPoint Band who led the Praise and Worship along with his back-ups. At the very start of the first song, I felt the presence of the Lord in the midst of the congregation praising Him. I felt good inside of me. It was some kind of a joy that is inexplicable.  I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. And God was comforting me inside and out. I can feel the shower of his love.  It was an all – out assurance that He is there no matter what happens. 

 There were showers of testimonies from all departments; starting from the young couples, high school, college, single working adults, and the mid and golden life. Everyone in the congregation was so much blessed. There was also the giving of blessings; rice, grocery items, and household items.  The favor of God and His grace were manifested intensely along with the testimonies of victory and healing.  

 The theme of the celebration was “Leaping Forward, Leading Change”. Pastor Andoy Docena emphasized Steve Jobs’ quotation which says, “ We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” As Christ’s followers, we are to take a stride on putting impression that the Kingdom of God is advancing tremendously.  And the passion to realize this has to start from us. We are to fix our eyes and give focus on what God has to accomplish through us and in us. 
 As Christians, there is no turning back, only looking forward,  accelerating our movements toward tapping the most out of the mission entrusted to us by God.  As apostle Paul accentuated in Philippians 3:14, “I’m running, and I’m not turning back.” And in 1 Corinthians 9:26, “ . . . I’m running hard for the finish line.” It only means that we are on a race. This kind of a race is for everyone to win. There are many wiles of the devil along the way that are wanting to bar us not to pursue. We don’t allow the devil to end up victorious. Like Apostle Paul, we are to stand with authority knowing that  we are more than conquerors through Christ who gives us strength. God will never leave us nor will he ever forsake us.  

 We need to continuously communicate with God and connect with Him through educating ourselves with the word of  God. Through our earnest prayers and supplications, we can be an instruments to change the world. Leaping forward and leading change can only be possible if we will start making a difference. 
 How many futures have hinged on such insignificant things? Little things are important in life and to God. Learn to pay attention to the little details of life, and you’ll be amazed what this can lead to.  If we interweave our life with God, we are actually allowing God to  rejuvenate  us  according to His plan  for us and in us.  
 Let us continue moving forward and onward, not forgetting that God is the author and finisher of our faith . . . The Lord be with us all!


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