Friday, November 26, 2010

The Challenge . . .

The story of Corrie Ten Boom became a lifetime inspiration to many people as it did in my life. Her experiences  inside the concentration camp became a powerful weapon to people who seemed helpless by what they’ve been through in life.  Corrie Ten Boom’s determination to show off God’s amazing power, to manifest His enduring loving kindness,  to share His unconditional love, and to manifest His unfathomable greatness made her so passionate  to go on and move on and have God’s grace to uphold her on every detail of her life. 

One day, inside the concentration camp, Corrie felt elated and was so happy when told that she was free to go. She felt very much encouraged to see the free world again. As she stood before the gate, she thought that as soon as the gate opens, she’s free. Her thought runs fast and remembers her time inside the concentration camp. She was able to bring the gospel to many women. A great number died with the name of Jesus on their lips. The Lord had used her sister, Betsie and herself to show them the way.
And here she was standing before the gate. Her sister had died about two weeks earlier. While she stood there waiting, somebody came to her and said: “Corrie, I must tell you something. Today, Mrs. De Boer and Mrs. De Goede both died.” Corrie was smiling with heartfelt thanksgiving after she received the news. God wasn’t late for these two women. They were able to know the Lord and accepted Him as their personal Lord and Savior just in time before they died.

Corrie looked at the cruel concentration camp for the last time, and said: “Thank you, Lord, that you brought me here, even if only for these two women who were saved for eternity.” God used Betsie and Corrie to that end. If it were only for these two women, it was worth all Corrie’s sufferings, and even Betsie’s death.”
What an amazing story! What an amazing experience! What an amazing God! And what an awesome God He was! Was it worth Corrie’s suffering? Or was it worth Betsie’s death? Indeed, it is worth living and dying if we are being used to save others for eternity. You and I can be used, whoever we are.

Corrie was faced with the question: Why am I brought inside the concentration camp? The same question is being faced by everyone on  each field of endeavor: Why am I here? If  you are a Christian, the plan for your life is quite simple and clear. We have been commissioned to share – the challenge reads like this: “You are the salt of the earth . . .  You are the light of the world . . . Go and make disciples” (Matthew 5:13-14, 28:19).
How can we become a Christian? The Bible challenges us to believe in our heart and confess with our mouth. The promise was expressed by Jesus Christ in John 3:16 when he said that God so loved this world that He sent His only Son as a sacrifice to take away the sins of the world, including yours.

It is part of God’s plan that this world would have people to be an ongoing witness. People who reflect the person and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ to others. He wants to live through each of us in such a way that others are also challenged to live for Him and change the world. 
The making of the difference starts from us. Perhaps our commission will be to take this message of the gospel to our friend if he or she is not a believer, to live it for our friend, to pray for our friend, to sacrifice for our friend, to love our friend and lead him or her into the kingdom of heaven.

Why are you here? Why am I here? And why are we here? No less than to become part of the family of God and to share the good news that it is possible for others to also become part of God’s family. A lasting family relationship that leads to life’s eternity!

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