Saturday, November 13, 2010

So mean . . .

Degrading and tainting words that are seemingly belittling you as a person really, really pain so much. No amount of words can ever describe the pain that one feels.  The bruise is so deep that it would be impossible to heal it back again. It’s better to be beaten with a 100 paddles and 100 slashes than being blown off with foul words that even dogs would have a hard time digesting them. 

Word spoken can either slay or upholds life. With the words we speak, we can add to the burden of life or lift the cares from the shoulders of another. Handicapping often occurs because we have allowed others to dictate our future or, by our own words, have hindered those to whom we speak. Sometimes, through listening we can better think in silence than allowing ourselves to talk and talk and talk and ending up to self pitying that you alone works and you alone are doing to patch up everything among the group or just between you and the other person. Listening is taking even just a short pause and realize what others have to say from their hearts. 

 When fear crops up, dishonesty comes. Laying down everything one after or before the other emanates from trust. When a foundation has no trust then it would turn out to be just a trash. . . no value at all! 

Why can’t we just lift someone’s burden with a kind, encouraging word. Why should painful utterances be blown just to shout out how erroneous and how skewed the person is? Why  should it be likened into a banging cymbals that from time to time have to  be cruelly directed right at your very ear. Just to let the person know from time to time, and moment after moment that he or she is a distorted person? A useless person? An invaluable person? It’s scorching to hear when someone tells you that you are worthless, right? It’s more than being beaten upside down. The whole of your being is fallen and even downtrodden.

 Out of the depths, we can only cry to God! He listens . . . He never condemns . . . He’s a real friend! So refreshing that we have a God and He sends instruments to mend broken hearts . . . yes, I mean Friends!

Life does not always yield secrets to the most gifted or the most talented or the best looking, but will to those who are persistent, committed, and willing to work and not give up too soon. Fewer friends though can be trusted! Look for them! 

Therapy would be best option to consider. And work is a therapy, struggle can be the vehicle through which lifestyle changes can come about. When life is a challenge, reaching a goal is much more appreciated. There is never a time when we have arrived. It’s a long-winded, not a dash, it’s a process and there is never a shortcut. So, salute the struggle and fight back! How? Run the race and go after the prize! Increase your desire and work for it! Go for it! It’s amazing what one life can accomplish when that person believes in others! It’s easy to speak and condemns! But trust is important . . . as you lay down trust, so will trust begets trust.

Psalms 27:1 . . . The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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