Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memoirs . . .

         It’s nice remembering the bygone days. Though life now is far way advance than the times I was enjoying during my younger days, yet, those days were worth the memoirs! However hard life was seemingly, but it was not as complicated as the kind of life we are living today.

          Today is a holiday, so I am just home. My kids and I got up late. . . just taking our time to relax! We had our breakfast at 8:00 A.M.. I prepared a fried marinated bangus (milk fish) and Beefies hotdog for breakfast. My kids just love the beefies hotdog more than any other hotdog brands, except of course the Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs which are also one of their favorites. Either the beefies or tender juicy hotdogs would make their day!

          At lunch time, I had veggie soup and still the fried marinated milk fish in the morning. I left the other half for lunch though. My two kids and I had a great time together as we all bond and bring to mind the bygone days. We laughed together. . . and that was really great! Everything was really worth it.

          After lunch, I thought of preparing the kids’ things for tomorrow’s school; their uniforms, my boy’s foods, and my girl’s items too. I checked everything ready, including my personal  items for work the following day. After which everything was itemized and all set, I thought of warming my time in cleaning the house. From the windows, to every corner of the house and the furniture and appliances. I have to defrost my fridge and clean it inside and out. 

          There was a feeling of relief and joy after the whole house was dirt free. Though tired but satisfied because the surrounding is breezy and spanking new. While relaxing in my sofa, I remembered the picture albums I filed inside the locker.  Two of the albums were my personal when I was yet single ...Others were pictures of my family’ s escapades.

          Pictures are keepsakes . . . treasures to be mean! One day in our lives, we may retire from work and stays home or have our own momentary way of taking our day to day life, pictures of the long-gone days can be something to muse over. We cannot forget the past times of our lives; happy or painful moments, would always be part of the memoirs!

          It’s nice to stay young always. Although we are aging, but feeling young is a matter of choice. Age? It’s just a number! It’s how we feel and deal with life that is  important. . . Memoirs! Memoirs! Memoirs! 

Our life today will be a Memoir of tomorrow!

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