Friday, November 5, 2010

Part 1. Is this for real . . . ?

          There are times that books are my way out . . . my passing time! I love reading books of any sort.  Through these books, I can relate myself, my outlooks in life, my dreams, and ventures ahead of time. 

 Chances and opportunities are always there, you only need to have somebody to inspire you morally and socially and even  to support you and not putting you down. It’s struggling to work out for something when you know that the most expected person to support you is the one who indirectly criticizes you and deterring you down . . . by his negative comments and by his being passive. The situation becomes a banging cymbals that are out of tone.

The circumstance should certainly be stretching you out and not shrinking you down. It’s not being critical about you but considers you as the heart of things!  How can one stands any longer before it’s going to disintegrate? There’s no telling . . . there is always  a terminal point. As you can see it, feel it, and immensely desires freedom from something that bounds . . . anything can be possible!

 Would there be a good chance of patching up or ending up? . . . I mean stop loving? Stop missing? Stop being together? or Stop communicating? It would be futile if you continue because every time you do, the more hurts,  pains, fear,  and even exchanging of foul words transpire. There’s no excitement anymore and you don’t even feel good at hearing him talk because prior time, there was already that ill feeling. You just seem  to be yourself and enjoy what’s on for the day! Of truth, we always desire freedom. . . and that's reality. It’s useless to continue a pursuit founded with doubt, hatred, hurts, fear and even apprehension… It’s all amiss!

 I have a friend who had experienced the same dying situation. It whirls her head and lets her decide to have her own way and let go of the person she thought she would grow old with. Was it a mistake? My friend was trying hard to make it worth something and to work it out for good. Nevertheless, nothing happened . . . futile! 

What’s next? Still continue to live with the person who is unbearable? Relationship is best manifested through communication . . . apart from fear, doubt,  and dishonesty. One negative begets another negative effect. If these are not pacified, it will multiply to even greater degree of doubts, fears, and end up to anger, hatred and revenge.

 It’s foolhardy . . . the looniest retreat one could ever settle  in life! Everything would be on the blink! What then? Would it be better to drop off? It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? The remotest idea would be calling it off . . . no reason on earth to continue. It’s all fouled up!

 Somebody has to be there for you . . . for me . . . for us! Somebody who can give a hand, comfort,  and who’s fun to be around, to share with the day’s ups and downs, and to console you whenever possible.

  My friend wasn’t able to take it any longer . . . she lets go of the person she thought she would share her life until death separates them!

Please follow on for Part 2 . . . soon!

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