Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everyday is Always a New Day!

Last night, I slept late because I have to finish what  I had started the previous day. I was not rushing though but my deadline is off today. I was busy the previous days before yesterday because it’s enrolment time and I was helping the frontline to manage the enrollees. There were three of us there and still we hardly cope up with the students and parents enrolling for the second semester.

 No matter how busy we are entertaining enrollees and those who are coming to inquire, yet, we have lots of fun.  Our smiles never cease and there was laughter around. A lot of time, I do meet parents and / or guardians pouring out their sentiments. And as I listened to them, God’s wisdom keeps on bubbling inside of me. It’s so comforting that no matter what the situation is for the moment, we can always avail of the Lord’s grace and favor.
 God favored me to meet parents whom I longed to meet in person. The first meeting seems a never ending conversation.  Physically, it was our first meeting but spiritually, it wasn’t. The Campus Ministry which I was coordinating since it started in 2007 had already been the spiritual backbone of the school. It’s always part of our prayers that God will manifest his presence and intervention in every way He can and in every situation possible.

 I pray God will make it possible always for the STI family to work out for everything as smooth as clockwork, and to get down pat the plans for this semester including every detail there is for the moment and ahead of time. As we look forward to the  increase in the number of enrollees, the plan on the detail of expansion would be gotten into and onward we may see the heartfelt cooperation of everyone pretty well.
We don’t settle the least but always settle on the best.  I am looking forward to meet again the STI Agape Campus Ministry  warriors this second semester of SY 2010-2011.  Our classes start November 8, 2010.

 Everyday is always a God-favored day . . . yes, it’s always a new day indeed!

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