Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!

It’s a beautiful Sunday . . . and I am missing the Sunday fellowship today. I am just home with my son AJ. We had  been coughing since yesterday.  I find it so distracting especially last night, because I wasn’t able to sleep well. Every time AJ coughs as well as I do, we both have to sit down and perform, “inhale and exhale”   a little bit. It seems we’re both gasping for breathe. I have to drink water again and again, and I have to let my son drink water too to have both of us pacified. 

We’re taking up our medication since yesterday. Just needed rest I guess, from all the stresses the past days . . . plus the unpredictable weather. It’s scourging  hot in the morning and before we know it, rain pours down in the afternoon.  My son and I had been taking up vitamin C, but yet; I got runny nose, I had headache and now I am coughing. 

Nevertheless,  the whole thing  is good! I am feeling great in spite of the cough and everything. I was sitting down this morning in front of the television set  while watching the Touch Ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley’s Sunday message in Atlanta, Georgia. Though I haven’t started the program, but what struck me was when he said, “Nothing a person does can touch another person’s life not unless it is done by prayer and completely a product of a real love embedded through God’s amazing grace!” Those words awakened me completely, and I thank the Lord so much!

It really takes God’s grace to love a person who’s unlovable. And it takes God’s love & conviction to swallow one’s pride. It feels great being with God because even with imperfections and many failures committed, He never pinpoints, He never condemns, and He is just there, waiting for us to come to Him with all humility and sincerity.

God is awesome.  His ways are so heartwarming! We may marvel at what happens. But no matter how painful God’s ways are just to settle things in its proper perspective, yet, the joy inside is bubbling. There is comfort and buoyant feeling. 

Indeed, God is a God of order! Everything happens for a purpose and nothing happens by chance. To Him be glory forever!

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