Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Insensitivity . . .

Being  surrounded with insensitive people strangle. Do you think so? Well, I really do! These kind of people are burdens! When you are in this kind of an environment, you need to find a twist. Yeah, a twist! And what should that twist be?
 First thing first is . . . keep your grit! Let them be the person they are. And the person you are too! Maybe they are enjoying being insensitive or maybe just insecure with life. It’s their kind of a thing though, not yours. Just push on with what’s up for the day! Sitting down and whining never helps a bit. Things will come your way, no matter what they say. The best way? Bring them to prayer!

Never give up hoping when the ship goes down. Their insensitivity will let you down, that’s for real.  Grab a spar of something, just refuse to drown. You don’t just die because you’re being hit. Smile pacifies you and others you meet! Give the best of your smiles wherever and whenever possible. Smiling in the face of danger is like whistling in the dark. It gets you there and keeps you going even at the darkest point of your journey.

Affirming is best! To laugh at pain and trouble and to keep your composure even when surrounded with insensitive people will make your day great . . . it’s like leaping and enjoying with life’s uncertainty everyday! And it’s great thing to do. 

            Though at times we fail and unable to meet standards, it’s because we’re imperfect! Our shortcomings and weaknesses do not mean we are slow at following protocols, it’s just that standards measure a lot . . . stressful! What is more important is doing your Best . . . and not being the Best! Well, it’s up to you to agree or not, that’s my personal ideology!

            On the other side of the mirror, we have strong points. What others cannot, we can! And this is the better side of the world. God has given us all unique gifts so we share them out to others. The foundation for all of these is making a difference. And it has to start from us, and in us. By doing so, we may turn out to be a light that shadows the dark. Thumbs up to everyone who stands out in the midst of insensitive people . . . keep up your grit as best as you can! There’s no better thing than applying the 90/10 principle of Stephen Covey!

Proverbs 17:22 . . . “A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine:
 but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

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