Sunday, October 31, 2010

“All Saints Day” . . . Make it a Unique & a Classy Celebration

In the Philippines, Halloween is not given so much emphasis as Christmas and New Year’s celebration. Although, the theme that is visible on malls and shopping centers is concentrated on the horror, evil, and death. But it’s different in the western world, you just can’t take away fun from the kids. This is their time to show off.

We are used to repulsive and fearful scenes during the Halloween Season. . . the spider web, the haunted house, the Frankenstein look, the ghosts look, coffins, and others that would create an impression of a ghastly Halloween. Nevertheless, we can make it into a unique but something like a classy celebration.

 Life is not suppose to be all seriousness – to really feel that life is worth living, we need to have some fun. Pleasure, humor, leisure activities, silliness are ways we recharge, renew our energy, restore our hope and positive outlook and connect with others.

Special occasions like the “All Saints Day” or the so called “Halloween” are times for you to launch on something new, and something unique. I mean, it’s not at all conventional. We are to keep abreast on what is glamorous and classy, and sophisticated. Isn’t it exciting to realize that life is full of surprising sophistication? 

Fun creates a deep internal connection; through play we reconnect with our hearts, our childlike self and the intuitive, spontaneous part of our psyche. Be a kid sometime. Not being childish but maybe “childlike”. Enjoy without limit all the beautiful wonders around us. Be on go . . . our God is a God of wonders and fun. The power to make choices and decisions puts you in charge of your own life. You have to create a meaning in your life. Everyday is a discovery process, a learning experience, a creative event. If you have any unfinished business, unrealized dreams, this is your chance to make sure your life is everything you always wanted it to be.

Most people are unaware of the sordid history attached to Halloween. Most think of it as the eve of “All Saints Dat.” But All Saints Day was originally celebrated in May. In A.D. 834 they day was moved to November 1 to appease the Romans who honored Pomona, goddess of fruit and trees on this day. All Saints Day became wedded to Halloween with the same reverence for the departed loved ones. Halloween is considered the most important festival of witchcraft cults. The history of this day extends back to the pagan druids. Few civilizations in history have been so debauched. The druids (priests in ancient Celtic religion) may have been the builders of Stonehenge, those monolithic stone carvings on England’s Salisbury Plain. Mass human sacrifices were performed by constructing large wicker-work figures and filling the insides with living humans . . . then, set on fire.

Some archeologists believe Stonehenge was erected to calculate the sun’s movements and determine the most auspicious day to worship the earth-mother-goddess by the propitiation of human sacrifice . . .  the date chosen was October 31. This was the eve of Samhain (Lord of the Dead), the Celtic new year. Demons and ghosts were believed to spring from the netherworld. To insure fertility of cattle and crops, first-born children were sacrificed to placate surrounding this seasonal celebration, modern society has adopted the customs associated with Halloween. For example, “trick-or-treating” is a modern form of saying “offering or revenge.” Food offerings were put out to prevent the ghosts of the past year’s wicked dead from taking revenge on the inhabitants of a home. 

 Not seemingly being dramatic here, but if we take another look at the beginnings of Halloween, even the pagan influences has turned out into a Christian observance such as “All Saints Day.” How can anything founded on such principles bring glory to the God of creation? Halloween can be a fun time for kids . . . and perhaps it should be. But it can be a real source of difficulty if our children’s activities are not guided by the Word of the Lord!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly
realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you 
may be able to stand your ground
(Eph. 6:12-13)

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