Monday, November 29, 2010

Superbly Performed . . .

My heart was bubbling with excitement and deep inside I was sincerely  praying in the spirit for strength and favor. I know God never fails . . . yes, He had never failed me. He is always there at the 11th hour of my need. His favor and grace keep me moving onward and keep my faith growing further.

 I was communing with the Lord the night of November 25, 2010 when suddenly I felt God’s presence touching my innermost being, giving me an assurance of something I’ve been praying few days ago. It was so great a feeling that even alone, I was smiling and thanking God on everything He has been doing in  my life and my family.

My daughter BJ wasn’t around then because she slept at her coach’s house at MSU campus (Mindanao State University), in Tambler. It was her third night sleeping there. She had been practicing for her oratorical competition on the 26th of November, 2010. I didn’t know she was that prepared because previous days, we only saw each other when she got up in the morning before going to school and after she arrived home from school.

Neither my son nor  I see her delivering her piece, no, not at all. So, I was thinking that BJ couldn’t make it. I only did pacify myself by saying, “well, just for exposure”. Yes, just to expose her to oratorical competition such as this one. Though I wished for her to win the said competition, but the way I saw her and the situation, it seemed, she just couldn’t make it. She’s so relaxed and just took things normally.

The event came, that was November 26, 2010. I can’t express the feeling inside of me. I felt very tense and of course excited to see BJ performing her oratorical piece. I haven’t seen her performed such though. She was No. 4 among the seven competitors from different schools in General Santos City.

When she was called to be the next to orate, my heart palpitated, as if I was gasping for breath. BJ got the microphone from the stand. In fact, she was the only one who did that among the seven contestants. I was stunned as everyone around was. She was so relaxed and so full of confidence. From the start of her piece until the last words uttered,  I was kind of a spellbound by what I see in BJ.  And I was elated at the moment. she was my daughter, BJ and I'm proud of her.

Wow, she did it well. I was touched by her performance that I wasn’t able to detect my tears started rolling down my face as some among the audience were also teary eyed. Everyone inside the room was applauding.  It was superbly performed. 

BJ's classmates were around to support her.  She called them "dudettes"... Kat, Lyka, xelina, tin, clarisse, vanessa, leila, kirsten, bai, & belina.Two male friends also came; Kringkring & Cloyd. Their principal also came along with one of her teachers, Mrs. Elsie Decenilla.

I was a proud mom at that moment. It was just hard to contain the feeling at that very moment. She was my daughter,  and I was really so proud of her. Even before the second runner up and the first runner were announced, I know in my heart that my daughter, BJ would be the Champion . . .and I was right. BJ ended up as the "Champion"of the first  "Voice of the Youth National Oratorical Competition".

To God be the Glory for this victory! Indeed, God is faithful! 

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