Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Other Nth Means Except . . .

We have observed the cycles of life . . . birth and death . . . young and then old! In fact, we have lived through many of these life cycles. The book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 tells us that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.

Love affairs are not unusual for young teenagers today. It’s not particularly surprising when such love affairs are broken for some reason or another. Normally, teens get over the hurt they feel for a broken relationship & discover that there are other “fishes in the sea”.      
There will come a time for all of us to cross the bar! It’s a whole lot sooner today than it has been at any time in our past. Obviously because the phase of life in our generation is faster than way back. It seems that everyone,  everything, and everybody is coping up with the demands of globalization.

Now, you see the person and then the next time, wow, a bombshell, death has corrupted a life less expected.  Just a matter of seconds, minutes, hour or a day, time after time, major devastation, pain and the like are scourging the life of man. We heard of many accidents that are so devastating, painful, and so gruesome. Unbelievably, our thermodynamic is getting messed up. Typhoon,  flush floods, earthquakes and other calamities come one after another in succession.  All resulted to killing hundreds, and even thousands of people all over the world. People are left frustrated, disgusted and even downtrodden. 

Pains, hurts, frustrations . . . Why? Where is justice? Where is fairness? Where is LOVE? Why can’t we just abstain from all these messes? 

There is no other nth means to all these queries except to get back to where God wants us to start life…it’s from Him! Yeah, it’s a big Yes! Get back to God, the author and the finisher of our Faith. With God, even if we are experiencing failures, dilemma, and other negatives, yet there is a comforting feeling of assurance that He’s always there for us.

Life may prove to be harsh and difficult. It may deny us and our dreams and starve our precious hopes. At times life may have turned fickle and unpredictable and may have taken us out from which we considered most precious. But with God, there is an answer! He is the basic foundation on which we can build or rebuild our life. 

Our world is badly out of tune. We need a Higher Power to strike the right note, a foundational note, to give us the right pitch for our lives and living. 

“Have thine own way Lord in our life”

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