Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Noble Attempt for a Blessed Sunday!

I need to make a serious notice today! For myself and for my kids, yeah!!!

Well,  it’s a noble attempt to make myself feel a little better though. It’s Sunday and I can’t make it to church.  I have a little fever and I am coughing hard. So, what am I going to do? 

Over the last couple of days, you may have noticed that rain comes often,  Suddenly is very severe, and then retreats quickly. At other times though extreme heat seems to scourge over our head and skin, that we are feeling a lot uneasy to go out for a walk. Some have joked that global warming is not so bad for this season.  It looks like we are experiencing another rainy season and heat season or maybe both extremes alternately. We may hear other people saying that these roller coaster extreme weather conditions are part of the symptoms of global warming, and we should expect to see more of this through all year round.

Whatever explanation everyone has to all these scenarios, whether or not acceptable, life must go on . . . and everyday must have to have something new and something different.
Ehemmm…something different, huh! Yeah, I have something different . . . My morning delight today is a “salad fern” and “Argentina corn beef”. 

Ingredients for my salad paco are: 1 pack paco (fern), 2 medium tomatoes, onion, 2 salted eggs, kalamansi, salt and sugar.

Direction: Blanch the paco or you can have it boiled for just a minute. Cut ingredients into desired sizes and mix them to taste. Put on top of the Blanched paco the mixed ingredients. Make sure it is served crunchy.

Good enough . . . everyone feels delighted! Breakfast is great!

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