Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Perspective . . .


We are suppose to start with our seminar at 8:00 A.M. this morning. But due to miscommunication, we started at 3:00 P.M.. Nevertheless, everything went well and I affirmed what Pastora Edna Garces said that nothing happens by chance.  Everything happens with a purpose and for a purpose.

Our afternoon session with Pastora Edna Garces was so inspiring. She talked about “Enjoying Life @ Work”. We were all enthusiastically enjoying and everyone was blessed. There was never a dull moment, and as I saw it, there was no one who felt sleepy. Every word was an awakening call, so sharp and enlightening. Every illustration struck everyone around, and that’s for sure. Those were real, and had been experienced just right.  

Yeah, it is true that “The highest reward for your work is not what you GET for it, but what you BECOME by it.” We can never grow as what Pastora Edna Garces mentioned, until we start accepting RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions and for our own attitudes. 

I realized deeper now than I did understand before that a teacher’s mission is multifaceted. A teacher has to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas, passion, and friendships. As a teacher, I know that if I build with love and truth, what I build will last forever. I am now fully convinced that throughout the course of a day, being with my students, I have been called upon not only as a teacher but to be a friend, an actor, a counselor, a substitute parent, a psychologist, a nurse, a doctor, a coach, a mentor and adviser.

Everyday, a teacher is warring against responsibility, relationship, peer pressure, negativity, fear, conformity, prejudice, and apathy. But good news because  I have allies: intelligence, creativity, patience, faith, love, and laughter, all supported my being a teacher.

I never dreamed of becoming a teacher because this was not what I want in life. I always wish to be in the military field. That’s the reason why at an early stage in my life, I was grade three when I went to enroll in a Karate Club after convincing my father earnestly. Teaching was not in my nerve. But I ended up a teacher. Maybe because I declared it when I was in grade 4. 

I admired my grade 4 teacher so much that one day when she was giving the class a lecture in science, I silently made a declarative statement saying, “One day, I would be like her”. She was so smart and very approachable. She’s so intelligent and kind hearted. She has the heart of a mother and a counselor. She actually became my mentor. I met her almost 2 years before she died. That was 2003 when I was invited to speak before an audience of more or less 50 people, and she was one among them. I got the chance to talk to her and told her about everything I felt about her as my teacher. After 4 months, I received a news from her co-teacher that she died. She will always be remembered no matter what. The legacy she left in my heart will never be forgotten by time. She was a lasting inspiration.

One day in retrospect,  names might be forgotten and faces might not be recognized but whose lessons and character will always be remembered in the accomplishments of their students…… I can be very proud to say, I am a teacher!

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