Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ministry of an Enthusiastic Teaching!

Teaching is a vocation . . . a teacher should have the passion to communicate! Students look up to a teacher as a mentor where they are expectant to learn more and emulate values they see being actualized by their teacher apart from home and personal activity.

            A teacher has to be awesome and dynamic in every way. In one way or another, a person who can be a source to fill up the emptiness that a student is in search at home and could not find it.

            A teacher’s influence can make a lot of difference. This influence can either build their lives or ruin them, encourage or frustrate them, challenge or discourage them, or end their lives victorious ore downtrodden. A big responsibility indeed. It might be less compared to the responsibility a parent has but being a teacher is also about parenting.

            Oftentimes than not,  teachers assume that they are in a red light situation waiting for the light to turn green. But this is not in reality. Teachers have to assume, instead that they are at a green light waiting for the red light. It’s a matter of perspective and how serious we are about making what we have left in our life count.

            Teaching is considered a lifetime ministry. Whenever and whatever the circumstance  maybe. A teacher’s heart should always settle as mentor. 

            I was thinking what a teacher means . . . and I ended up with this acronym: 

T          -           eachable
E          -           fficient   
A          -           ccountable
C          -           ourageous/cheerful
H          -           eart warming
E          -           ncourager 
R          -           ewarding

            The above acronym is a challenge . . . Bear in mind that words aren’t enough. Praying isn’t enough either. It’s a balance of doing and going with the message of hope a teacher gives and of course, lifestyle.  Not only would people be interested in what we say, but how we put into action what we say and can be interpreted as living it out! A TEACHER should put the GO and the DO into teaching as a ministry. Go and
Do now!

Teachers are not only here to “teach to live” but foremost, to “live to teach".

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