Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank You Lord for the Beautiful Sunday!!!

Today is Sunday! I suppose to be attending the Sunday service but due to my cough and a slight head ache, I refrain and just have to rest home. I know I would be missing the message today.

Although I am not really feeling good, I was able to wake up early and pray. After I have done praying, I immediately put on a mug of coffee. While the coffee’s brewing, I do some bending and jogging in place, then take some coffee back to the sofa to watch the news. While doing so, I was thinking on what to serve for breakfast. Something new and something different, I guess.

Flavor makes my kids linger around foods. The aroma invites them to the table. Definitely, everything that goes into food goes into you, and that’s the best part of being a mom, credits get back to you as they want even more. Though how simple and light my preparation seem to be, it’s so fulfilling to know that they love what I am serving them.  Foods always make my kids’ day. There are times they would suggest on what to cook. 

At last, I decided to have “paco salad” (fern salad) and “Argentina corn beef”.  Hmmm . . . really yummy! In  a little while, my kids and I would be together to enjoy our breakfast. How we wish my hubby is around to join us. . . soon though he will!  This is the meal that brings everyone together . . . so long!

Wanna try a bite?

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