Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Boy on the Rear End of the Gate . . .

It was very unusual for my son, AJ to wake up very early in the morning. He wakes up between 5:30 – 6:00 AM during weekdays and most likely around 7:00 AM during weekends. But not this morning! It’s a marvel to see him already awake at 4:45 AM. I am used to waking up at 4:30 AM though during weekdays and 5:00 AM during weekends. 

            I was sweeping the front side of the house after having done cleaning the canal, when suddenly I heard a “pot, pot” – a vendor selling steamed “puto”(made of rice that looks like a muffin) and ”suman”(Filipino native dessert). I immediately rush to the gate along with my son, AJ and called the vendor. I got 1 pack of “puto” worth 5 pesos and 1 pack of “suman” worth 10 pesos. My son, got another 2 packs and went to the rear end of the gate and gave the 2 packs he got from the vendor to the little boy sitting, looking sad and hungry. I didn’t see the boy who looks like my son’s age, just between 8 – 9 years old. The boy was messy and dirty. 

            I felt hurt inside of me the second time I glanced at the boy. I was hurt by his situation. He should have been home with his family but why is he roaming around carrying a sack?  My mind was running very fast with many queries. Where in the world did this boy sleep last night? Who are the parents? Were they looking for their little boy? And a lot of “whys” that need to be answered. My son was talking to the boy and asking him several questions.

            My son came to me and ask for 20 pesos. He said that he will give the money to the little boy. I asked my son what did he ask the boy. He said that he asked the boy where his parents are and where he slept. The boy answered back to him, “wherever”.  He said, his mother pushed him and the other siblings to look for “diskarte” – (anything to earn money) to survive life.

            I gave my son the 20 pesos he was asking so he can give it to the little boy. I felt heavy deep inside of me . . . so hurt by the situation! He was supposed to be in school, but look at him. My son didn’t stop talking about the boy until he went to school at 6:50 AM this morning. And I bet, my son would be sharing the same story to his classmates and even to his teacher.

            How many irresponsible parents are there to allow their children to become seemingly pitiful by begging a penny and a handful of food just to survive their meal for the day. Are you mothers out there checking your children if they’re around during meal time? Or during the day? Or during bedtime? Gosshhhh . . . you should! Children are not to suffer because of negligence and irresponsibility. They didn’t choose to be reared, but you do. Your children are the ones reaping the consequence that you initiated. You are pushing your children to be downtrodden, and because of that, you are accountable! We don’t allow this to happen to our children. We don’t deprive them to pursue a promising future and a beautiful tomorrow! Let us give a life worth of them . . . they are gifts, they are treasures! Let us elevate their life to become worthy citizens of tomorrow!
Lord, I pray, let every mother’s heart bear the responsibility
towards their children’s life & future.

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