Friday, December 10, 2010

The God of the 11th hour . . .

God’s miracles are ever fresh! It has always been a thing I often thank the Lord about. He is a God of order and surprises. The thing you less expect is the same thing that has come your way at the 11th hour.  In short, He is the God of the 11th hour! And I have realized even before that if your faith is just focused or centered upon God, He will open doors for you which you least expect.

Just early morning yesterday, I was so relaxed. After I prayed, I went on with my routine, the way I used to do it. Every 5 AM. I usually received prayer requests and answered prayers from the C500. But that morning, I haven’t received any. The C500 is an International Prayer Group which pray at 5 AM with any prayer requests from people all over the world who are also praying with each other. This group has started in Kabacan, North Cotabato, Philippines and has now reached even in other countries. This was made possible because of some members who had gone to others countries in the past times. And I am so glad that I had been part of this group.

The rain was pouring the previous night and it didn’t stop until yesterday morning. Though there was a little shower but it was not as hard as it was the night before. That morning, I was thinking about a lot of things while rushing for the needs of my 2 kids . . . preparing for their uniforms and their foods. When everything was ready and the kids were ready for school, I told my daughter to continue praying for her activity the following day. And she told me, “no worry mom, we have a big God . . . be relaxed!” And I answered her back, “yeah, I know! It calmed me down. 

Often times, we become myopic! We maximized our circumstance and tend to be passive with how big our God is. We allow the situation capture our thoughts. And at the very core of the situation, we personally divert our thoughts on something that pacifies the situation,  keeping ourselves away from God’s arena. Habitually, we don’t have the patience to wait for God’s timing. At the 11th hour of God’s releasing the intended answer to our prayers, that’s also the time we leave and do our own thing. That’s why, we ended up messed up and a loser.

I was busy at work the whole day that very day because the following day, we’ll have our activity for the 80 children from Habitat Mabuhay Elementary School. These kids will be our school’s recipient for the gift-giving and feeding this Christmas Season. We’ll make these kids happy. These elementary school children were just few of the many children whose families were relocated to Habitat Mabuhay. They really need reinforcements in terms of school supplies and other stuffs needed in school.

I had met my Campus Ministry at 3:30 to discuss with them the last minute instruction about the following day’s activity with the 80 children from the Habitat Mabuhay Elementary School. Time has passed without me thinking about my daughters activity the following day. Until it’s 6:30 P.M..  God opened up a door for me. A door that had an  answer to my prayers the previous night and my prayer that early morning! My God was, is and will continue to be faithful! He is the God of the 11th hour! I was rejoicing within. I uttered my silent prayer, “Lord, You’re a real God of Miracles”. “You put everything in each proper perspective and You make a lot of surprises! I just love that!”

Whewwww! So, so amazing God we are serving! To Him be Glory forever and ever… Amen!
Isaiah 59:1
Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save;
neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear . . . “

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