Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Day with the Habitat Community Kids . . .

It was December 11, 2010, a sunny and beautiful day! It was the day when the different college clubs of STI would be giving the children from the Habitat Community Elementary School in Habitat Mabuhay, General Santos City a "Pamaskong Handog." The day started with the kids being fetched from Habitat Mabuhay to STI College  since the activity would be held at the STI College campus. The program started at 8:30 when everyone was already around. We started with a prayer and the singing of the National Anthem. After which, everyone was welcomed and made the kids and their two advisers felt  at ease with the STI family.

Some of the STI Mentors . . . 

The first part of the program was teaching the kids songs. Some fellowship songs were being taught and introduced to the kids by the members of the Agape Campus Ministry. The kids enjoyed the time with some STI students who were assisting them. These STI students were coming from different clubs like: COMSOC, COHOMA, Campus Ministry, Math Club, English Club and the Medics. All the members of the Faculty and staff were also around supporting the said event.

The second part was the Math tutorial which of course headed by the Math Club wizards. This was the part where everyone was enjoying. Each kid has been  assigned one student to assist in solving the problem given to them. I marveled at how the kids learned so fast and they were really very smart at solving math problems given to them. I was also so appreciative of the STI students who assisted the kids in their Math seatwork.  It was well done for every kid.

While the grades 1 & 2 were having their Math tutorial at the second floor of the STI building, the Grade 3 kids were guided to the computer laboratory 2 for their computer tutorial. They were all enjoying the time in the Computer laboratory 2 while the STI ComSoc club students assisted each one of them.

The COHOMA Club - prepared the snacks and lunch for kids 

The kids were provided with snacks and so with everyone around. The COHOMA Club was the one assigned for the snacks and the lunch. After the Math tutorial was the presentation of the Medics Club where the kids were being taught about cleanliness. Particularly, the children were being taught how to properly wash their hands before and after eating. Each one of the kid was given a health kit.

Lunch was served to the children. After lunch, they rested and we resumed the activity at 1:30 PM. It was a great time because we had prepared games for the children. Prizes were at stake for all the winners. We can see the joy on the faces of the children. Everyone received gifts. Their gifts included: A pack of school supplies, stuffed toys, special gifts for all winners, & packed gifts for everyone and several other gifts. 

The different club members were present and assisted the kids in every way they can. There was a great time with the children. A great bonding with the STI students, Faculty members and of course the children was worth the effort. It’s a lot tiresome but there was joy on the faces of everyone around. 

There was that feeling of satisfaction, the joy which was inexplicable, and of course the feeling of great esteem for the glory of God because He was the one who provided everything needed. It was hard to separate with the kids when the time comes for them to go home. We bonded so much with them that we come to know some of them for a short while.

Ahhhh . . . God indeed is good! 

 The STI College - Agape Campus Ministry

For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great,
the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe.

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