Sunday, September 7, 2014

Positive Attitude Makes a Difference . . .

                A positive attitude is not only spreading good vibes and making your day fruitful but also you become less prone to sickness.  Staying positive is actually affirming  a productive and abundant life. . . . .  not maybe in terms of material things but contentment on what you have and security that no matter what happens, you have somebody who is more than willing to catch you when you fall, comfort you when you’re down, and  sustain you with strength at your lowest point in life. So, start flexing your facial muscles and find your way to a better life.  

Life is not meant to be alone. God sends Friends. Our circle of friends can be our comfort in some ways. Even so, a lot has been said about people who managed to win over serious illnesses because of their positive attitude and the light friends they keep. 

I have a great deal of friends! However, I only got a handful of them that I can run to whenever I need to just relax and have fun especially when I’m in the middle of a stressful situation. This is the time to fill the vacuum of pessimism  with positive views and inspiring thoughts from them. Find that space where you can bring comfort to your own self and have faith in whatever it is that you are doing. 

According to Willa Cather: “Stress is something that’s created in the mind, basically. It’s how we look at things. So, our greatest defense against stress is the ability to change our minds; to change our thinking.”

Therefore, there is a need to turn away from an attitude that can push you into even more stressful situation is the key. Learn to cope and rise above the condition of pessimism. Be inspired and be challenged by what you have been through.  Life can be messy and changes are always part of your survival, and that’s all right. Don’t give up. Just know that it is going to be all right.

I a world where every little move costs you something, anything that doesn’t add up to your development, leave it behind. You don’t carry an extra luggage because it will delay your journey. Learn that life isn’t just about finding yourself; it’s also creating yourself. Your choices matter. Be wise with responsibility at picking up choices because wrong options would mean frustration & consequence.

God opens millions of flowers without forcing the buds. Start everyday with a new hope, leave bad memories behind, and have faith for a better tomorrow. Remember that everyone has their fair share of trials, and this means trusting God more. Bear in your heart that obstacles are put in your way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for. 

Affirm good things . . . Make a difference!

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