Sunday, September 28, 2014

Everyday is a Favor from God!

A day is just a passing through but with so much to bear. The downstream of life is seemingly unbearable. Though it's not our cup of tea, somehow it affects us in one way or the other. It saturates within, we feel it, we think about it, and we find ourselves bearing it and emotionally attach to it. Why is that? This kind of a thing is not ours, It's other people's thing. Then why are we feeling it and even absorbing it? What's all about it?

This is the thing called burden. This is what God wants us to feel and see through our spiritual eyes. God wants us to bear the burden of other people so we can pray for them. He allows us to see and observe our surroundings and catch sight of its needs so we can intercede and earnestly seek God's face through our prayers. It's not only through our trials and dilemma that God speaks to us but also through other people's predicament.

God desires to talk to us in a very intimate way.....that is, talking alone with him!

I am in the academe. Many problems are puffing one after the other. Nevertheless, It  always refreshes me
every time people come to seek advice or if they want to share some problems and concerns. It is because I consider it an opportunity  to share the goodness of the Lord in my life and  the lives of other people as well.

Thanking the Lord everyday is not enough. I can't even thank the Lord enough even if I would have to say it every minute or every hour. No matter what comes up, thanking God must be a way of life for us. At the close of the day, I marvel how much of God's grace amazingly  meets my daily needs.

Indeed, God's grace towards the day is unfathomable! 
It is His unmerited favor!

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