Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God's Favor is Manifested in Every Way . . .

           It’s been a little lighter now than the previous days. I mean lighter because there were people around who made my day ……. Giving me a hand shake & a hug, praying for me, telling me I’m doing good, dropping by just to ask if I’m ok,  giving me a smile and exchanging laughter  especially when I’m loaded with commitments & responsibilities. The are people though who came from nowhere just to tell me, “thank you” for giving my time to them and bearing the patience,  listening to their stories.  Thanking me for the advises I had shared is more than enough to feel lighter and good.  God uses people to manifest His favor in my life.

            Sometimes the one we didn’t expect is the one that gives us a relaxing aura. Consequently, we feel disappointed and frustrated when our expectancy fails. That’s because we expect more that what normally comes. The best thing is, let us be happy with what is on hand and wait with great faith that God is always around to provide every need.

God’s favor is to bring us to a perspective 
of “Thanksgiving.”


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