Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An encounter with my student . . .

Our Midterm examination has just been finished. There were students who did not make it . . . to pass the exam. And there were those who really didn’t take the exam because they haven’t paid their Midterm dues. Some though, begged to be allowed to take the exam even if they haven’t paid their dues. But it is strictly prohibited of them not to be allowed to take the exam without permits. Only students who have examination permits were allowed to take the exams.
         During the examination period, one student came late and asked me if he can still take the exam. I looked at him and was thinking why this one is taking the exam when he had already dropped the subject. I really thought he had dropped the subject because I haven’t seen him since the start of the class not until that very day of their examination.

I have no option but told him that I have already dropped him from my master list. He didn’t show up since the start of the class. So, what would be my basis of grading him? No quizzes, no activities, no requirements, not even his presence can boost of his being part of the class . . . in short, I didn’t allow him to take the exam. He begged, but later left though because I was firmed on not allowing him.

After the exam, I left the room and I saw him outside approaching. He met me and continued begging and asking a chance  to allow him take the exam. It was not the first time he did it. He had been my student before, and the same thing he did. Not only did I give him a chance but chances. And now, here he is again, with the same problem.

          I haven’t had a chance in the past to sit down with him and asked him all about the “why’s” and the “what’s” and several other queries. I need to sit down with this guy this time. I need to know why? Somehow, asked him to open up his heart, himself as a person and to know how everything can be re-aligned for him, his family, his life and his future.

          The following day, I set up a schedule for a one on one consultation with him. It was the day when I learned something from him about the long been personal struggle within him and his personal relationship with his parents and some people around him. He had pains, hatred, and was dragged down the pit of his so undesirable friends who were influencing him all the wiles of the world. 

His parents, though having much resources to support him with his schooling, now refused to give him his needs because they had lost their trust on him. He had been supporting his fiancée and the family of her fiancée. That’s the reason why he worked and at the same time schooling. He had a hard time coping up with the responsibilities of being a student and at the same time being an employee. Added to the fact, that he had a burden also of helping her girlfriend’s needs.

Something has to be done. And I have to initiate the move. My student  started to open up his heart . . . and gradually, I can see the little side of his person. He asked about the Campus Ministry  that I was coordinating, that he wanted to attend the Campus ministry but he was shy. He had no acquaintance, whoever and knew nobody in the group. I invited him and told him to start attending the Campus ministry every Monday and Friday at 3:30 – 4:30 in the afternoon, the school’s activity time. He assured me he will . . .

I felt guilty why I haven’t extended just a slight of a glance at this guy. I may have, at an earlier phase be able to know him and counseled him, and guided him, and invited him to be part of the campus spiritual crusaders. God was never too late in his life, just on time. There must be somebody to pull him up and guide him to God . . . and I knew it was God’s way for me to know everything about this guy so God can fulfill His plan for this guy’s life through me and through the campus ministry.  

I praise God for using the campus ministry to carry on the task of guiding students toward spiritual maturity . . . and to know more about God in a very special way! To God be the glory forever and ever . . . Amen!

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