Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thoughts this New Year!

My brother with family, friends & cousins
The New Year’s celebration is a big event . . .  not only for us but for the people all over the world. On the eve of December 31, the world is looking forward to the final countdown until the first of January.  With great expectancy the world awaits the midnight event to welcome the coming of the New Year.

Midnight fireworks' display
My family and I had a great time spending the holidays with cousins and friends. It was a bonding moment for everyone. We prepared games and watch movies while waiting for the midnight countdown to meet the New Year 2011. We spent our New year’s countdown at my older brother’s place at MSU(Mindanao State University) campus in  Tambler, General Santos City.

          It was actually my son who insinuated me to spend our New Year’s at my older brother’s place in MSU, Tambler.  My son enjoyed the time bonding with his cousins during the Christmas time because we spent the Christmas with them.  And that my son do not even wanted to go home yet even after the Christmas season.

During the midnight fireworks' display
          We enjoyed watching the fireworks in the sky at exactly 12:00 midnight to meet the New year’s 2011. It was so astounding! The kids were blowing a hand made paper horns which added noise to the stunning fireworks display in the sky. The neighborhoods were all around shouting and yelling along with their displayed fireworks and hand-made paper horns.

(Back to front) BJ, Traecy, AJ & May at the garden
Another year has come . . . the year 2011. A new life to face! A new hope to bear! A new struggle to fight! A new and fresh surprises to expect! A consuming blessings from the Lord await our daily life! There are new challenges to behold! . . . . And with all of these, God is the only refuge! His strength will keep us through. His favor will feed us and His grace will make it possible for us . . . Indeed, God is Amazing!

My friend . . . life’s not over, yet! This New Year brings a new chance, a new beginning, another opportunity to start again! Let’s get up one more time! God is the God of the second chance!  
My daughter BJ took me a shot at the garden
For me, New Year brings joy, hope, and wisdom. With every passing year, we develop a keener understanding of life. Life continues to be a learning process and we gain valuable tidbits of wisdom along the way. Let us learn to live life without regrets and embrace each New Year with renewed energy.
Part of my brother's garden

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