Monday, January 17, 2011

Presidential Kick-Off!

Agape Campus Crusaders
Thursday of  January 13, 2011 was the “Presidential Kick- Off”  activity for all the clubs of STI College General Santos, Inc. to be fully recognized by the school.   Each club was given a 10 minute presentation to show off its objectives.  Everyone had a real great time bonding along with enjoying  each club’s presentation.  It showed how smart each participant was, not  only in their academic standing but also at doing special tasks  assigned  to them. 

One among the clubs was the AGAPE Campus Ministry that I was coordinating since 2007. We had an interpretative dance which highlighted the short drama presentation.  The drama was show casing the wiles of the world which imply that our choices in life would either bring us to life or pull us ten feet below the ground. The interpretative dance was something of a “thanksgiving to an awesome God.” 
Watching while another club was performing

It was actually great! As the members of the Campus Ministry was performing, there was silence. Every one around was just watching the presentation. One can only hear the music accompanying the students performing the interpretative dance. I can feel the presence of God as the students were performing at the moment!

It was such a great time for the students . . . a nice break after all the academic pressures inside the classroom.  Everyone was really enjoying with the passing of time and watching the performances of the students representing 
each club. 
Under the yellow tent
The highlight of the said event was the giving of certificate of recognition for each club . . .  which means that the school is in full recognition of the clubs. There were actually nine (9) clubs: The COMSOC (Computer Society), the Math Club, the English Club, the Agape Campus Crusaders’, the Sports Club, the SSC (Students’ Supreme Council), the COHOMA (HRM students), and the MEDIC (medical team). 

One good thing was that, each club was given an assigned space in the bulletin board where they can post some important detail or announcements for all the members of the clubs to be aware of a gathering, meeting, and/or activities ahead.

Being a member of a school club is something that can develop self-awareness and of course enhance the students’ capability and ability in handling responsibility as a leader and as a member. This is also one way of letting the students feel that they belong to the STI family.

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