Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What are we living for? . . .

“Affirming our dreams by confessing and acting is like whistling in the dark, it gets you there and keeps you going, even at the darkest point of your journey”.  Do you agree with this? It has to be consummated through what Apostle Paul said to the Hebrews: 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the elements of things not seen.”   Heb. 11:1

One thing is sure though, nothing is permanent . . .”The grass withers, the flowers fade but its only the word of the Lord that will last forever”(Isaiah 40:8). I may be able to make it into tomorrow, which is now today, so tomorrow still may not come and if it does there will be a day when it does not. While some may praise my achievements, others will curse my failings, and yet God will judge both. There will be a somber time and a sad time and quite likely a time of great loss and tears.   

“But the truth is, everything we are,  we do, we act, we dream,
we work for is possible because of God’s Grace.

When it comes to doing things we want to do, we often never find enough time yet imaging that we will get to it someday because we have lots of time. So soon, time runs out and all the things we cared so much about do not get done or get undone. God is giving us all the time to prepare so we can be together with Him when the right time comes.

We want to get right with God but we don’t Have time right now. We have things that must be done and people that must be met. We work, work, and work and at the end of the day, we feel so tired. We have responsibilities; degrees to earn, children to be raised, mortgages to be paid, basic needs to be attended to, physical as well as psychological needs and of course vacation that we just have to have or burn out.  Then time runs out, we die and face hell because we neglected the many times God gave us to get back to Him. We lose rewards that would make all of the riches of this world because we were too busy chasing baubles instead of laying treasures that would last for eternity.

Friend, what if tomorrow never comes? What will be said of your life by God, “Depart from me you worker of iniquity or enter thou into the joy of your Lord?” You better have time to come and reason together with him before you spend eternity weeping over lost time.

As we separate ourselves from worldly things and saturate  with God, that which is good will increasingly replace what which is evil. We live for such fleeting things and waste our time on things that are destroyed while we are still here, left behind when we go or will be destroyed when He comes. We do live for the Lord and also die for Lord (Phil. 1:21)!  

“Enjoy life as if the Lord will come a thousand years yet, but prepare for your life
as if the Lord will come anytime soon” 

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