Sunday, September 26, 2010

...As my Day Starts!

What a beautiful morning . . . As my day starts, one of the most important thing is looking up to God for guidance the whole day! Acknowledging God as the source of everything I need for the day . . . It is God's GRACE that lets me shine even at the darkest point of my journey. I prayed for my husband's soonest recovery from his surgery. and for my kids and family. I prayed for my friends too and  our leaders and country.

It is one good thing to thank God not only in victory per se but in every circumstance as well.  The little details of my life will make a sense if I will put something on it. As I write this, it is 10:24 AM and I am on the brink of another few hours before another day comes, but then I don’t hold the next few hours and  I could have gone before the new day. No next minute  or an hour  is guaranteed.

I was mesmerizing about a lot of things previous day until the close of the day yesterday. I was so thankful on how God works from within me and out. With all of my friends around, who, in one way or another had contributed a great deal of support in every way they can. With the presence of my Family, of course my husband and 2 kids, I could not ask for more…they are precious gifts in my life. Nothing compares having a family such as I have.  GOD grace makes everything possible in my life.
As I was preparing breakfast this morning, having a mug of coffee, I uttered  in silence , "Thank You Lord for the wonderful day"!  And Suddenly,  it came to my  remembrance  the beautiful times with my friends having coffee together, reminiscing memoirs in life, the bygone days and the younger years... laughter, laughter and so much laughter.

“Coffee with a friend is an endearing sip of companionship” . . . Dave Davidson
“The times that mean the most to us are when coffee
and friends are warm and close to us” . . . Dave Davidson

And as my day starts, reflection is always part of my responsibility in giving back to GOD all the Glory due His name. . .for all the happy and gracious time He has given me.

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  1. Amen to that girl.. may blogspot ka na.. follow me and ill follow you hehe