Friday, December 12, 2014

Blessings Start from the HEART!

What a pleasant morning to greet the day with awe  knowing that the Lord has always a
new hope, great favor, &  strength for  us. His grace never ceases!

The last few days had been enormously stressful because of the huge responsibilities. People around are expectantly waiting for positive results  to their requests.  Everyone hopes to be accommodated.  And everyone wants a fair & just  outcome, with all hopes  that everything would just be alright. Yeah, people would always hope for the best  no matter what would that be.

It’s something tough to have a number of people to manage because one needs to adjust with each  temperament. Most often than not one has to carefully determine which one’s motive is personal, emotional or just and fair. As much as possible the option of accommodating is always @ the brim. Nevertheless, one has to consider that priority has to settle on what is just and what is fair for everyone.

Funny it may seem but come to think of it, no matter how simple the issue, there are always reasons added to make it complicated. We realize at the end that the kind of a thing is just as easy to solve as eating pie . . . that is when one settles on what is Just & Fair.

I believe that it’s just a matter of interpretation. How one interprets would either makes sense or ends up messy. No matter how a situation complicates the way it is interpreted, our understanding to weigh things out is foremost.  There is always pressure. Seemingly  because everyone has a suggestion . . . and each one wants their suggestion to emerge. And trying to settle it calmly matters.

The truth is, we cannot put our standards  and thoughts on other person’s situation. They have their own reasons and struggles too. What we are apt to do is to be on the right perspective.  Calmness in the midst of stressful situation helps ease the burden. The emotional control has to come from within. It is a blessing to be acting as if nothing stressful happens at all. It is our choice to always feel blessed deep inside.  There are many blessings surrounding us.  God’s insurmountable grace is abounding. His presence alone in our life is worth everything. We see and feel His presence everywhere and at anytime we need Him. Our faith says, we are blessed! Indeed, blessings start from the heart!

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