Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life is Worth Living....

Hello World.....

It's nice to be back again after several years of not having updates around. It has been so consuming to be with a lot of people from different parts of the globe. Meeting old friends, visiting several places and taking a lot of time to be with my family. Enjoying time together with those you bond most of the time has something to be taken heed of because we both learn many things as we coach and share a lot of experiences in life.

I always thank God for the wisdom from time to time and His thorough direction in every way as I tread life's uncertainties. I can smile so sweetly though knowing that no matter how tough and harsh the world I am living, His  favor and grace are greater beyond comprehension. Everyday, I am experiencing miracle after miracle in the lives of the people around and most especially in my family. 

My family isn't perfect. We are encountering dilemmas, struggles, pains and a lot more relative to existence. But in spite of all the messes, hope is there and God's grace always goes ahead of everything. God upholds us in a way we don't expect.....so amazing! Painstakingly wonderful! Life indeed is worth living!

Watch out for the coming articles I will be posting here! See ya all...God bless everyone!

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